Structural Steel Profile Design with Creo AFX Software - Part Four

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Structural Steel Profile Design with Creo AFX Software
Creo EFX - Using Structural Profile Toolbox Along the 2D Sketch
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 Step 7. Mirroring an Existing Sketch

  • Create datum plane> offset front datum plane by 7000mm> select the sketch> select the mirror tool> select ADTM1 and mirror the sketch. (see fig.15)
  • Create other end of the frame now by repeating Steps 4-6 on the new sketch
  • Further profiles can be added by refering to steps 4 - 4.3 for adding the profiles (see fig. 18)
  • In this case, select the 100x5 SHS> new instance> Assemble profile between two points (see figure.17)> select reassemble existing profile instance>select the SHS> Select between the two points. (refer to fig.17)
  • Create a new datum planes> offset asm_top plane by 3000mm, offset asm_right plane by 5000mm> create a new sketch> select the ADTM2 and select the ADTM3 as your reference with the orientation set to ‘top’ > create the sketch as shown in figure.19

Step 8. Final Assembly

  • Add the 100PFC profile and T-Joint as shown in fig.20 (refer 4 and 5 for method)
  • Select the 1 Angle connection> select 100x10 from the ‘profile size’ options> place connection to PFC as shown in fig.21 (refer to 6.Connections for method)


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