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Pro/ENGINEER | Wildfire® uniquely offers integrated design, nesting and CNC machinist tools under a single CAD interface. These tutorials demonstrate in-depth how to design a sheet metal assembles for real manufacturing. then to unfold it into a pattern for nesting onto a sheet of material for cutting. Here is a overview on an example will look like after going through each of the steps in the process:

Pro/ENGINEER Sheet Metal Tutorial

Note: This tutorial is design to show how a user can design a sheet metal parts, assemble, nest and cut. For extended simulation and analysis of sheet metal manufacturing behaviours, such as spring-back deflection and sheering, we suggest using PTC Pro/MECHANICA simulation suite from CADDIT. Below the basic explanation of the PTC Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire (4.0-) CAD user interface for Windows:

The Pro/ENGINEER software user interface is comprised of three major sections. The top few rows on top of the windows as well as the right hand side of the window is known as your toolbars. These bars will allow you to manage and recreate many of the functions required for this tutorial. Next the main part of the window is taken up by a section known as the workspace. Here you will create and preview your model design. On the left hand side, majority of the design process will be tracked by the Design Tree Window. In the Design Tree window, you can keep track on what features that have been added to your design as well as edit the parameters of the design features if changes are needed to be made on the model.

To begin Wildfire sheet metal part design, we will go to new (Crtl+N as the shortcut), select new part and choose the sheet metal opinion on the right hand side of the menu. Give the model a name and click okay. Three planes will show up on the workspace screen. Now these three planes can be used to navigate around your model.

Mouse Navigation in Pro/ENGINEER

·          Spin – Hold middle mouse button and move the mouse to the direction desired to spin

·          Pan –  Hold Shift, middle mouse button and direction desired to pan

·          Zoom – Hold Ctrl, middle mouse button and up or down to zoom

·          Turn – Hold Ctrl, middle mouse button and right of left to turn.

 Note this is PAGE 1 of a four page series, CLICK HERE for the NEXT PAGE

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